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Jamplifier Records

With Jamplifier Records we will try to reinvent what a record company could or should be. We want to support real artists and help them to produce great records that really matter.
Jamplifier Records is still a project in development.
At the moment we will not sign any artists, we will focus on supporting independent underground musicians instead.
Our manifesto: What we stand for...
We want to help real artists to create real art. We want to work with intelligent, talented artists who write their own music, and who play their own instruments. We do not intend to produce pitch corrected plastic pop.
Unlike many other independent labels, we do not intend to focus on a specific music genre - we would like to focus on quality instead.
And finally we would like to help artists to innovate, by allowing them to develop new sounds, new styles and new genres, instead of following or copying current chart pop trends.
We admire the greatest artists from the 20th century and we aim to return to the values of the greatest music of the past.
During the past few years we have analysed what made the music of the past so great, and we would like to help bring back some of the quality there once was.
Which does not mean that we're looking for artists with a "retro" sound - we're looking for artists who are different, who want to create music that will be relevant and revolutionary again.
The music industry is focusing on producing music for the masses, but "the masses" do not include "everyone".
There are many people out there who don't consider themselves to be part of "the masses", and currently nobody's producing great music for people who are different, who are outsiders, who are weird, nerdy or even crazy.
We would like to support artists who make music for people who are different and who are not mainstream, for people who are looking for something special or extraordinary.
We clearly prefer artists who have some kind of a message, and who believe that music can change the world into a better place. Learn from the past - propagate peace and don't make war, unite and don't divide.
Fight for a society where people help each other, a society without violence, guns and police brutality. Help to save our planet, care for your environment and respect both humans and animals alike.
Take advantage of mordern technology, while also being aware of negative effects that current as well as future technology such as AI can have on mankind.
We believe in a world where everyone can win without having others to lose, and so we also believe in an industry where record labels, artists and fans could actually be partners respecting each other.
We believe in artistic freedom, while true artists should also earn a fair amount of money. We also believe that true music lovers will have no problem with paying for music as long as the quality will be high.
Finally we also believe that it is our job to help real artists to canalise their craziness and their creative ideas in order to produce records that will be relevant and revolutionary again, and that will thus be worth spending money on.